Title: TimelessKunstPerformanceFiesta
Location: Bolsjefabrikken Ragnhildgade
TimelessKunstperformanceFiesta is an experiment where artists as well as the public are invited to challenge their conception of linear time.

Currently, art is conceived as a final product which has to be presented/shown/sold to the public. TimelessKunstperformanceFiesta’s intention is to break down the linear time conception in which past/products/individuals/present/society/reality/future are conceived/produced/consumed.

A line of skillfull artists from 7 different countries will create light, electronic, sound, music, dance, food and culinary experiences “all at the same time”.

We invite you for this event to break down your partytradition. The creation will be going on from 7pm, so come early and don’t miss the experience of loosing your everyday life perception of time and space!

Entrance 20 kr.
Start Date: 2013-11-09
Start Time: 21:00
End Date: 2013-11-10
End Time: 02:00
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