Element – En dyrkelse af det Transcenderende

Title: Element – En dyrkelse af det Transcenderende
Location: Ragnhildgade 1
Link out: Click here
Description: In ancient times Shamans were going in trance by the help of music, and the transcending element of music has been seen in all the corners of the planet. It was almost forgotten in our modern world before it found new life in the universe of electronic sounds. Trough these sounds and repetitive action and motion we are exploiting the depths of music and our beings in this element. It is going to be calm, energetic, deep and Techno. Join us in our dance and forget time in a complete play full awareness!

Line up:
Mønsterhed – Is getting the place warm with soft sounds and big spheres! https://soundcloud.com/#moensterhed

Jonas Falk –is going to make some movement in the crowd with groovy minimalistic beats and spacey tones!

Martin Schacke – Is digging deeper with a collection both of his own sounds and others!

Osvald Rønder – Is flipping vinyl’s on the way in taking you to some strange rooms under ground!

Rune Bagge – Keeps the big heavy wheel going so nobody falls asleep!

Oculastik – is giving your transcending visions all night!

Doors open ad 21:00 and we keep on going with an open end as long as you do!

The entrance is free and the bar is almost as well – so remember cash! As always everything goes to the amazing place of the Candyfactory/Bolsjefabrikken.

Created by Beyond Nothing
Start Date: 2013-02-16
Start Time: 21:00
End Date: 2013-03-17
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