Stencil workshop

Title: Stencil workshop
Location: Lærkevej 11
Link out: Click here
Description: Dear all

Come and learn basic – and maybe also slightly advanced techniques at this practical workshop about making stencils. Maybe you have tried doing stencils before, and you just want to share your own experience, or maybe you have never tried it before, and would like to learn more. You can also just watch the M.O.R.F.A.R. Lydsystem getting stencil-pimped. If you want, you can bring pictures you would like ‘stencilfied’. If the weather is nice, we will sit outside cutting stencils and talk about clever ways to do it, and you can ask questions about whatever. I will bring my computer and show how you can prepare motives. I will also bring materials, tools and paint, but feel free to bring your own materials.

Hope to see you there,


More info:

Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2013-05-22
End Time: 20:00
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